A new Android tablet aimed at education

Here is another new tablet coming out this year that has some potential for home education.  The tablet website claims to have an “innovative platform”.  Not sure what is innovative about this Android tablet when other tablets will soon be coming out this year.  Maybe it will be priced for educators.   

mySpark’s tablet is Wi-Fi enabled and can integrate with partner school’s Learning Management Systems to allow seamless two-way communication between school and student.” 

I have no idea what “Learning Management Systems” is but maybe it is an Canadian system for the Canadian schools.    We will be watching to see what innovations come out this year. 

It seems to be mostly software that other Andorid devices could be capable about but here are the current hardware specs: 

  • Display: TFT 10″, 4:3, 1024×768 pixel. External output via HDMI or DVI
  • Touch Input: Multi-touch finger and accurate stylus inputs
  • Processor: 1 GHz dual-core ARM V7 processor with graphics and video acceleration
  • Wireless: 802.11 a/b/n + Bluetooth + GPS
  • Camera: VGA Front (conferencing), 5MP Rear (video and picture snapshot)
  • Memory: 8GB Flash, 1GB Low Power DDR, SD Card Expansion

 A new Android tablet aimed at education.

The website above claimes this feature:

“One feature is “the MySpark Education Platform students and educators could both insert notes and media within class notes or coursework, possibly allowing for real-time changes and edits.”

Press release

Bob Book App review

Bob Book App

Bob Book App

For those of you familiar with the Bob books you will be familiar with this App.  The App is not a books but it is a game.   The game has 12  pages from the Bob books.  You have to spell some of the words on the page.  There are four levels of dificulty for each page. 

Cost: $1.99

Age: 4 to 6 years old

Subjects: Phonics, letters, & words


NoteSlate – monochrome paper alike tablet device

NoteSlate GREENNow here is a possible look at the future of tablet computing for home education.  The device is cheap! $99  The OS will be open source so there are possible future applications within the education world.  No internet and wifi is a no charge option.  Not a lot of information but it could possibly be used as an input device for another tablet.  Basically it looks like the old slat used in the one room schoolhouse days.

NoteSlate /// intuitively simple monochrome paper alike tablet device.

Organize iOS home education Apps

iOS folder


If you are using the latest iOS you can easily organize your apps for education.  For Christmas two of my children got old iPhones (3G with iOS 4) from their too kind Uncle. Now I am trying to  use iPhones for my kids education.  To do this I decided to organize all the education apps based on the following categories:

  1. Pre-school
  2. Tracing (letters & numbers)
  3. Reading
  4. Writing
  5. Math
  6. Science
  7. Drawing



There could be other categories but this is what I am trying right now.  Now I can tell my kids they can use any “math” app for 20 minutes.  For my younger daughter , I simplified the list to this:

  1. Draw
  2. Write
  3. Add

These can be changed anytime.  They could also be structured based on age or grade level.  I will add more updates in the future on using iOS for education in the home. 


For my younger kids I changed the letter and number category to…

ABC and 123

This is easy for them to understand and it is also more distinct when looking at the folders. 

To search for Apps on a computer without iTunes you can use the follwoing link: