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Restrictions for iPod touch and iPad

iPhone restrictions

When your child has a small device like an iPod touch there are some cautions you should take.  Now I trust my children but I do not trust the Internet or technology.  There are many harmful things that can take away from my child’s innocence.  Recently we experienced this with my son.   He was up in his room watching You-tube clips from the movie Chronicles of Narnia.  While he did nothing wrong there was still the potential for him to see something unintentional that would harm him.  I am thrilled that he likes Narnia but I do not want the video to take the place of actually reading the book.  On the positive side of things I now know what book to let him to read next.

Here is how you can customize the restrictions in the iPod, iPhone, and iPad settings.  If this is the first time you have changed this setting then you enter a 4 digit pass code and then re-enter it for verification.  The one confusing thig about the setting is that it on the options page when it says Allow and you select OFF to keep it from being accessible.  For instance you would select OFF if you did not want YouTube to show up as an app.  So basically you select OFF for anything you don’t want accessible.


If all else fails you can always password protect your Wireless Internet.  If you subscribe to Bsecure online filtering then you can use their mobile app for controlled Internet browsing.

Bsecure Mobile Browserhttp://www.bsecure.com/Products/Mobile.aspx


Here is a link to a tutorial for setting up the restrictions on you iPhone or iPod touch. (iPad similar.)

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