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Are you a homeschooler:

  1. Looking for ways to use tablets for your homeschool?
  2. Looking for information on setting up your iPad, iPod, or tablet?
  3. Looking for good educational apps for homeschooling?

The goal of homeschooltablet.com:

To provide tips hints and advice about using technology and tablets (iPad) for your homeschool.

I share tips, tools and tutorials — things I’ve learned in my homeschooling experience with tablets and now my iPad. Look here to see why I use the iPad.

I am a father of seven children and I am currently homeschooling and trying to wisely enhance my children’s education with technology.

So, whether you are just starting out homeschooling or want to catch up on some of the latest technology for education, join me!
contact me at josh@homeschooltablet.com

  • http://twitter.com/iHomeEducator iHomeEducator

    Looks like we are both dads homeschooling our kids! Let us know how we can help you out :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=748933853 Anne Burris

    Thanks so much for you blog here, it is just what I need as I am venturing into using a tablet in our homeschool!n

  • Terry Heick

    Interesting site and very clear focus. What are you using in terms of “curriculum” for your homeschooled children?

    • http://www.homeschooltablet.com Josh

      We have a curriculum but we mostly use it as a guide. We are trying to follow the classical education model and the Charlotte Mason style of education. Since there is no comprehensive curriculum for tablets you must improvise a little. Thanks for the question.

    • http://www.homeschooltablet.com homeschooltablet

      Currently we are using a mix of classical education and the Charlotte Mason approach.  The “curriculum” we use as a guide is My Fathers world.  We are going chronologically  through time.  Currently we are studying Egypt.

  • Scottedwards

    I am in the market for a tablet(s) for my homeschooled kids (9,8,6,and 3)  It seems that it is hard to go wrong with an Ipad.  I guess i am debating on two lesser tablets or an Ipad.  We have WIFI so dont think I will need a 3G one.  I have read some on the Fire and Nook and other tablets but it seems some folks have problems and very few issues with Apple.  Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions or great places to shop?

    • http://www.homeschooltablet.com homeschooltablet

      One thing I noticed about the nook was the screen size. It is probably best suited for personal use. I know there are many times with homeschooling that I use the iPad to show several of my kids the screen. This is when the larger screen has an advantage. The other big advantage of the iPad is the apps. Apple also has nook reader and kindle reader apps. The real appeal to the fire is the price. If the fire handles flash well then this could also be useful for homeschooling.

  • future teacher

    I do not yet have children. But I was homeschooled and plan to homeschool my future children. I am getting ready for college and planning on getting my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education. I can’ t wait to see what life throws my way. I will be using an online school that uses ebook textbooks and now have the HD Fire Kindle. Its fantastic