3 Ways To Help Kids Memorize Anything

It takes a lot of work to help kids who can’t read well memorize. In this article I am going to show you how I only spend a few minutes to help my kids memorize anything.

Memorization takes lots of repetition and reading. The best tool I have found to help kids memorize is my phone or iPad. I use the simple app called voice memos on my phone or iPad.

I record myself saying the verse and then they can listen to it whenever they need to practice. They no longer need me to read to them since they can just listen to the recording over and over again. I have consistently used this method for over a year now and it has saved a significant amount of stress and time. I have even used the voice app to record poems and stories my son had to memorize for his speech class. On car drives, I can just hand them my phone and they can listen to the passage or I can play it through the cars sound system for everyone to hear.

I save the file with the name of the passage they are memorizing or their name so they can easily find it.

I enable saving to the cloud so they can play it on multiple devices.

The second best tool I have found is the Microsoft Immersive reader tool. This tool is included with several Microsoft apps for the iPad. The best apps on the iPad are either Word for the iPad or OneNote for the iPad. I type up all the verses my kids need to memorize in Word documents and save them in iCloud. Then each week I can open up what they need to memorize and have Immersive Reader read it aloud to them. For more information on using the Immersive reader with the iPad look at my article How to use Microsoft Immersive Reader on the iPad.

The last tool I use to help my boys memorize is copywork. When they are assigned a passage to memorize I create a copywork sheet with MS Excel or Google Sheets. Then they can work on copying out what they need to memorize throughout the week. This adds one more way to help them memorize. Creating copywork pages with iPad Pages or Phonics Friday Part 3 – How to quickly make a copy worksheet on the iPad.

So now I no longer stress out about my kids memorization assignments. A few minutes of my time allows them to work on memorization all week without my help. They can work on memorizing scripture or poems or any other passage they may need to memorize. I just remind them to work on memorizing themselves.

Bonus tip from my daughter for verse memorization – Join a memorization community on the Bible Memory app. Only downside is that not all Bible versions are free.

Do you help your kids memorize? What have you found to help your child memorize better?


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