Monthly Archive: December 2010

Nook color in store 0

Nook color in store

  If you want to get your hands on a Nook Color for yourself you can go into a Barnes&Noble store and try one out.  I stoped by the other day to see for myself what one looks and feels like.  I also wanted to check out how online ebooks looked like from .  The books looked pretty good however the 7 in. screen seems to be somewhat limiting.  I don’t...

Why Tablets are good for Homeschooling 0

Why Tablets are good for Homeschooling

Advantages for using tablets for homeschooling: It is more like a book and can be less like a computer. You only have to keep track of one item as opposed to many books. You can have your children gather around the tablet. (this may not work so well with 7 inch tablets) Touch interface is more relaxed and a little more hands on. Many ebooks are available for free Software/apps...

Hello world! 0

Hello world!

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