Nook color in store

 Nook color

If you want to get your hands on a Nook Color for yourself you can go into a Barnes&Noble store and try one out.  I stoped by the other day to see for myself what one looks and feels like.  I also wanted to check out how online ebooks looked like from .  The books looked pretty good however the 7 in. screen seems to be somewhat limiting.  I don’t think all my children gathered around would have a good view but it probably depends on the book.   Other than the size I really like the Nook Color.  The screen did have a lot of finger prints.  That is understandable for a display unit but at my home it probably be covered with little childrens finger prints.

With regards to Android I have read that the nook color will get an update next year so it can access the Android market.  This will make it a full fledged Android tablet.  I am interested to find out if it will also be accessible with the Android AppInventor.

Why Tablets are good for Homeschooling

Advantages for using tablets for homeschooling:
  1. It is more like a book and can be less like a computer.
  2. You only have to keep track of one item as opposed to many books.
  3. You can have your children gather around the tablet. (this may not work so well with 7 inch tablets)
  4. Touch interface is more relaxed and a little more hands on.
  5. Many ebooks are available for free
  6. Software/apps can be cheaper or free
  1. They can be expensive
  2. Software is not mature for education
  3. Limited or no flash web page support. Many of the interactive education web pages use Flash.
  4. Children tend to touch things so there will be a lot of smudge marks on the screen that will need to be cleaned off.