Mega List of Free Resource to Teach Kids to Read

<Update 11/2022>

Climb the mountain of reading.

Free reading guides. Kindergarten age

Gutenberg list of kid’s books

Alpha phonics – This is awesome and includes readers.
First 10 lessons free

Looks promising – Progressive phonics.

Free worksheets and guides

Reading resource room

A webpage that also has an excellent list of phonics programs.

TN Foundational Skills Curriculum Supplement.

Here is a list of free resources I have found helpful for teaching kids to read.

Note: Not all are iPad/tablet friendly.  (ie flash player for games and videos)

First: The best free comprehensive program:

Sound city reading is by far one of the best and most comprehensive phonics based reading program that is free! There are many pdf documents you can print off. I love the idea of a reading road with houses that contain all the different sounds.

Free eBooks or iBooks:

Don Potter education pages has many old spelling books to download. He also has some excellent Phonics reading resources. Don also has excellent information also on how Webster’s blue back speller was used to teach reading.

McGuffey reader – a classic of the one room schoolhouse.

New England primer – another good classic.

Dog on a log books has many printable phonics games.

Primary concepts ebook that uses letter tiles.

Free Online games or apps:

Blastoff to reading online games

Teach your monster to read

Free videos:

schoolhouse us free phonics lessons and videos(videos not for iPad but lots of good lessons that can be printed)

Ron Paul curriculum reading program – first 40 video lessons free with worksheets.

First step reading has free video lessons

Full Phonics Curriculum:
Old fashion education – simple

Sound city reading – the best free curriculum.

Reading Bear – some good interactive activities.

Progressive phonics books have you read the hard words, and your child reads the easy words.

The Easy Peasy full curriculum is more than just reading.

The Canadian site for the society for quality education has a free reading program with many resources.


Here is a good language arts program free for level 1.

Free worksheets:

Tinas Dynamic homeschool plus has many printables.

Spelling worksheets and activities.

If you are adventurous you can make your own copywork and worksheets with special tracing fonts and MS word or Pages by following instructions on the link below:

Free Blog/Podcasts:

IEW – many excellent resources especially on learning disabilities and the podcast is one of the best ones out there.

All About Learning Press has wonderful free resources and a great blog about reading and spelling.

This reading momma is a highly recommended blog.

The measured mom blog also has many free resources.

Other miscellaneous resources

Update 10/16/2020

I just came across these great free phonics charts.

You can search through goverment documents/papers on teaching at Education Resources Information Center

Eye can learn is not technically phonics but there are several resources for eye tracking if you child is having problems reading. (also apps for the iPad.)

Please leave a comment below if you have found some other free resource useful.

Review of Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

My family is so excited to be reviewing the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership from  I have subscribed several times in the past to and I am always amazed at the variety of courses available. is the perfect companion for our homeschool. There is something for each of my kids from Preschool all the way to High school.

For this review I decided to see if could be used to homeschool all of my children all the way to high school.

You can easily search for resources based on your childs grade or based on the subject.  I first started with my 4 year old boy.


I have a very active 4 year old boy, so I definitely need something to keep him busy. Searching under the preschool grade level I found Preschool in a Box. Most of the resources are downloadable and printable. There are many coloring sheets I could print out and have him work on while I worked with the older kids. I found a firetruck for him to color and a worksheet for him to cut out and count the number of firemen.

Grade School:

For my boys learning to read, there are many wonderful resources at  There is a whole section of resources under something called the Literary center.  Some of my favorite resources are the Phonics Reviews and the Quick Reading Intervention, Grade 2+ ebook reading remedies.  You can print out many worksheets to help work on some week areas they need work.  I especially love the ebook Fourteen Steps To Teach Dyslexics to Read and Write which is available as a pdf download with your membership.

For my older boys I was interested in the science classes that had videos.  I found multiple science videos with cool experiments.

My boys and I enjoyed watching the Hooked on science videos and trying the experiments ourselves.  The experiments used objects we could easily find around the house.  The only problem I encountered was using the iPad for the videos. (Update: Yes it was an issue with our filter.  Videos work fine on the iPad).  I think it might be due to the internet filter we use.  I will definitely research this this and find out if videos will work on the iPad. It would really be nice to watch the experiments on an iPad.

High School:

For my daughter who is a sophomore in high school I needed some resources for her upcoming apologetics debate class.  We found many great videos on Appologetics.  The Addressing Cultural Issues class has several videos and a worksheet that goes along with each video.  I am also hoping to utilize the Biology class videos for my daughter.  The Biology class is a full year High school class with videos and outlines for each lesson.  There are also worksheets to fill out while you watch the lessons and tests you can print out.

If you homeschool children of any age, I highly recommend you checkout!

Be sure to visit the Homeschool Review Crew blog to read more reviews of SchoolhouseTeachers. My family loved Other families used this product too so be sure to check out their reviews by clicking on the banner below.

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