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Kindle Fire FreeTime 0

Kindle Fire FreeTime

Amazon just added a feature that might interest parents with kindle fire. It’s called Kindle FreeTime. It’s an app provided by Amazon that allows kids access to videos and apps geared towards kids. It allows parents to set content control and daily screen time limits. You can restrict the amount of time games can be played without restricting reading time. Unfortunately for me FreeTime is NOT available for the first...

Kindle Fire or iPad for homeschooling 5

Kindle Fire or iPad for homeschooling

With a price of $199 and Amazon behind it, the Kindle Fire Tablet seems like a good choice for homeschooling. Should you get a Kindle Fire for your homeschool? How does it stack up against the iPad? The Kindle Fire appears to be the first serious competition for the iPad. Here is how the Fire compares. Hardware: The Kindle Fire is built solid. There is a rubber coating on the back...