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I often hear homeschoolers talk about being intimidated by teaching math to their children so I was excited to learn about No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials.  Since my daughter is working on High School Algebra I thought it would be a good idea to review No-Nonsense Algebra.  Keep reading to see what we thought about No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials.

What is No-Nonsense Algebra

No-Nonsense Algebra is a math book that covers basic algebra taught in High school.  The book is a softback book with almost 300 pages.  The book has examples along with exercise problems and the answers.  The book also includes quizzes and a final review test.  There are 10 chapters in the book covering topics such as graphing, solving equations, and factoring.  The first chapter covers all the “Necessary tools” for Algebra.  The first chapter is basically a review of all the math required before High school algebra.  Not only does the book have plenty of practice for algebra topics but it also includes a code to access online videos that explain all the algebra concepts included in the book.  It never hurts to have more explanation for Algebra.

What did we think about No-Nonsense Algebra

Algebra is not necessarily something people consider fun.  I actually enjoy Algebra but for my daughter, it’s a different story.  I was glad (she was too) that No-Nonsense Algebra has videos she could watch to help explain algebra instead of me trying to explain things all the time.

Another thing we liked about No-Nonsense Algebra was the good examples that are in each chapter. The book recommends working out on a separate sheet of paper the example problems.  For graphing you will want graph paper instead of regular paper. Each section also has helpful hints.  The examples show in detail how to solve the problem.  I really like that each step has notes to the side explaining what was done.  This is really helpful when the students look back at the examples when working on the exercises.  The exercises must be worked out on another sheet of paper which means the book can be re-used with multiple children.

My daughter and I thought the No-Nonsense Algebra, had just the right amount of problems for each lesson.   Overall we thought the Algebra really was “No-Nonsense”.  It wasn’t overwhelming and the video lessons were wonderful.  Whether you are looking for a High school Algebra curriculum or as a review for a test I would recommend No-Nonsense Algebra.

We used No-Nonsense Algebra, but other families used other resources from Math Essentials so be sure to visit the Homeschool Review Crew to read more views.

No-Nonsense Algebra, Math Refresher for Adults & Mastering Essential Math Skills Book 2 Middle Grades/High School {Math Essentials Reviews}


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