Why the iPad is Good for Homeschooling

    I remember one of the first computers I used at school was the Apple IIc. I think the school even purchased it using points from box tops.  While you probably can’t get an iPad with box tops,  Apples website does say that Homeschool teachers qualify for education pricing.  The discounts not much considering anybody can get a refurbished iPad for $429 right now.  To some the cost still seems high for a tool that currently can only be used to supplement your current curriculum.  Even though the price is high I believe there are still some pretty good reasons to get and iPad for homeschooling.  Here are some of the reasons I came up with. 

  •  There are a lot of educational apps – a are free or less than $5.00
  • Apple has a history of working with education
  • The iPad it the best tablet for the money (or until a good Android tablet comes out)
  • Homeschoolers are not tied to traditional classrooms.
  • The iPad is more suited for families than institutions.
  • You can control content with your own iTunes account
  • Homeschoolers customize school to each individual child’s learning style.
  • The iPad makes learning fun
  • You can do school on the sofa or outside.

Feel free to add any additional reasons in the comments below.

A new Android tablet aimed at education

Here is another new tablet coming out this year that has some potential for home education.  The tablet website claims to have an “innovative platform”.  Not sure what is innovative about this Android tablet when other tablets will soon be coming out this year.  Maybe it will be priced for educators.   

mySpark’s tablet is Wi-Fi enabled and can integrate with partner school’s Learning Management Systems to allow seamless two-way communication between school and student.” 

I have no idea what “Learning Management Systems” is but maybe it is an Canadian system for the Canadian schools.    We will be watching to see what innovations come out this year. 

It seems to be mostly software that other Andorid devices could be capable about but here are the current hardware specs: 

  • Display: TFT 10″, 4:3, 1024×768 pixel. External output via HDMI or DVI
  • Touch Input: Multi-touch finger and accurate stylus inputs
  • Processor: 1 GHz dual-core ARM V7 processor with graphics and video acceleration
  • Wireless: 802.11 a/b/n + Bluetooth + GPS
  • Camera: VGA Front (conferencing), 5MP Rear (video and picture snapshot)
  • Memory: 8GB Flash, 1GB Low Power DDR, SD Card Expansion

 A new Android tablet aimed at education.

The website above claimes this feature:

“One feature is “the MySpark Education Platform students and educators could both insert notes and media within class notes or coursework, possibly allowing for real-time changes and edits.”

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