What iBook 2 means for homeschool curriculum


iBook 2 is Apples latest contribution to the iPad and education. What does that mean for the homeschool community. One of the best things I see is that homeschool books can easily be ported to iBooks 2. {hint please homeschool publishers start making ibooks!}
Here are the highlights of iBooks 2
iBook 2

  • textbook for $14.99 or less
  • interactive Ebooks
  • Quizzes and review questions
  • automatic flash cards from highlights
  • 3D animations

iBooks Author app

  • Easy tool to create ebooks
  • It’s free
  • Publish right to the store
  • highlight text for glossary
  • HTML and Java script
  • import Keynote presentations

iTunes U

  • videos
  • assignments

One downside with iBook 2 is that the textbooks take a lot of memory – up to a couple of Gigs. Also it looks like the iBooks publisher app is only for Macs. Overall though there are tremendous possibilities for the homeschool.

Overall this update should provide an improvement in the use of the iPad for homeschooling. Maybe now I will not spend time looking for lost school books.

  • “Also it looks like the iBooks publisher app is only for Macs.” This is my main concern about it, but love the idea of interactive textbooks that can easily be updated. Curriculum that relies extensively on video content will also be at a loss trying to compress hours of video for the textbooks.

    • I agree. I don’t even think it works with older Macs. I have an old eMac I need try.

  • Cartwrk

    do you know how many textbooks they have now?   It looks like you can only access ibooks from ipad or iphone/itouch.   I do wish you could at least browse their store from a pc or other device, as the ibooks option is part of the reason I’m considering an ipad, but have no way of even browsing their store until I own an ipad or itouch.

    any favorite ibooks for you?

    • When I look on my iPad I only see about six that are in the textbook category.

    • I haven’t actually bought any books through iBooks. I have free books that I have downloaded. I have looked at the kids story books but I find that the interactive storybook apps are usually cheaper than the iBook. I have bought a few Ebooks from amazon. With most Ebooks reader apps including iBooks you can read free ePub books so there is no real advantage with iBooks except the interactive features. Hopefully there will be more in that category soon.