Protect your new iPad

Having just bought a new iPad I wanted to protect my new iPad. Past experience with broken iPads led me to choose Heavy Duty Shock Absorption Case for my iPad.  Even though iPads are pretty sturdy they are no match for my kids. Even if you try and keep them from using your iPad they will find a way to get a hold of it. 

My previous iPad cases were usually some type of leather case with a cover flap that opened.  The problem I had with these cases is that they just did not provide enough protection against drops. The corners always got dinged up. 

I decided to choose a hard case similar to what I use on my iPhone. I decided on the KAKA shock case for my new iPad.
KAKA Heavy Duty Three Layer Ultra Hybrid Shock Absorption Case High Impact Resistant Full-Body Protective Case With Kickstand for New iPad 9.7 Inch 2017Edit
  This iPad case protects all the iPad except the screen.  For the screen I decided to use a glass cover. I use the hard screen protector for two reasons. 

  1. It’s easier to install
  2. It provides better protection

The only downside to hard glass screen protectors is they usually crack. At least it’s better than having a cracked iPad screen. 

What is the best cas you have used?

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