Circle parent control wifi internet filter review

The Circle is a device that recognizes and filters every internet device on your home WiFi.

What I like about the circle internet filter:

  • Simple to setup
  • Phone App to control and monitor
  • It’s a hardware filter not software
  • Can pause and adjust the filter the internet while away from home

What I don’t like about the circle internet filter:

  • Only one wifi channel Update: now both WIFI channels are monitored.
  • May provide false sense of security since it won’t filter all apps.
  • May take some customization.

What is the circle?

The circle is a piece of hardware you can use to apply an internet filter to any device connected to the internet in your house. The circle filter acts as a bridge between your internet devices and your wifi router/modem. The filter uses an app to control the level of filtering and the devices that are filtered. Every device that connects to your wifi router is filtered with the default settings. You can then add a custome filter for each device. Circle can now filter both routers frequency ranges, 2.4 and 5 Ghz.


Setting up the Circle filter was easy.  First you downloaded the app and then you plug in the circle to power with the cable provided.  You do have to set up a circle account.  You are sent a special code to your phone that you plan on using to manage the filters.  Circle will automaticallyrecognize internet devices connected to your wifi network.  Some devices may take a day to recognize if you do not use them all the time.  Any device connected to the wifi network uses the default filter settings.  If you want to customize a filter for a specific device you create a new profile.

You can assign one or all of your internet devices to the profile you setup.

The app allows you to see how much time each device is using the internet and what the device is using.

  • Software Requirements: iOS 9 or later or Android Jelly Bean or later
  • Set Time Limits: Create daily time limits on apps and popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  • Filter Content: Set individual filter levels by age (Pre-K, Kid, Teen, and Adult) for each member of your family.
  • Usage at a Glance: See where your kids spend the most time online by app and category.
  • Pause the Internet: Pause the Internet for a single family member or the whole family with a single tap.

Circle with Disney – Parental Controls and Filters for your Family’s Wireless Device

Note:  This post may contain affiliate links. This Post is my opinion.  I didn’t get paid to review this device.  I bought the circle with my own money.
What do you think? Have you used Circle before? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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