Book Review – Venturing With God In Congo

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We have been reading Venturing with God in Congo from Conjurske Publications out loud as a family in the evenings and really enjoying it! I have been wanting to find a good book to read to my boy’s at night before bed.  The book Venturing with God in Congo has all the makings of a good boys book.  Not only does the book cover look appealing for boys, but it also has spiritual value along with the adventures.

Venturing with God in Congo is a book that follows the missionary Darrell Chaplin, and his family, in the remote African country of Congo.  As I sit here writing this review, I can’t help but think what a Missionaries life was like compared with the current COVID-19 “struggle” we are going through.  The book reveals how isolated the missionaries were from the outside world.  They had limited supplies, and limited contact with the outside world.  The Chaplin’s survived, and they most importantly were able to spread the light of the world, Jesus Christ, to the indigenous people in the Congo. People who as Darrel said, were under the “…cunning deception of the sorcerers, soothsayers, and witch doctors.”

Some of the things we learned after reading through the book is that: Hippo’s can be mean and attack a canoe, Python snakes can swallow an antelope (horns and all), and their skin is self-healing if they get pierced by antelope horns, they eat!  We also learned how dangerous it is to hunt an elephant.   We also learn about how God provided for the Chaplin family.

God’s protection is shown many times including when a Leopard was outside at night.  I really like the line in the book about the Leopard, “Mice disappeared. Insects stilled. The King was here.” God protected the missionary family. “The angel of the Lord encamped round about them that fear him, and delivered them.” (Psalm 34:7)

The Venturing with God in Congo book is a nice hardback book that I would recommend for a read aloud book for your family with the following notes:  First the beginning of the book may not keep all your children’s attention since it is mostly introduction material.  It’s good information but the beginning chapters are longer and may not hold your little child’s attention.  Second since the book is about a different people there are many words that are foreign to English.  There is a pronunciation guide in the front of the book but when you read out loud It can be difficult if you focus on the right pronunciation.  Both of these things are minor and I would still recommend this book for all your children.

We have really enjoyed reading Venturing with God in Congo at night.  Many of the stories are very captivating for boys.  I would recommend reading the stories in Venturing with God in Congo with your family.  It will help your family better know how to pray for missionaries and learn more about Africa.

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