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Old School Phonics – Beacon Phonetic Chart

So excited to finialy get my hands on the New Beacon Phonetic Chart! I say “new” but it is actualy quite old. The New Beacon Phonetic Chart was published in 1932. I wonder what the Old Phonetic chart looked like. I hope to digitize this in the future and use it with my boys who are just starting to learn to read. I actually ended up with three copies of...


Phonics Friday Part 3 – How to quickly make a copy worksheet on the iPad

Here is a quick easy way to create a copy worksheet with the iPad. For Part 3 of my Friday Phonics series, I thought I would show you how to make a simple copywork worksheet for homeschooling using the iPad.  As always with my Phonics Friday series, I will provide a free copy of the resource shown below. If you need to quickly create a custom copywork worksheet, the easiest way I...