Homeschooling iPad apps Part one: PDF reader

To start looking for a good pdf reader for the iPad I just started searching for PDF apps.  You can narrow the search down to just iPad apps and you can sort by popularity or relevance.  I chose to look for the best ratings.  There were two that I found that both had high ratings.  So far here the best free iPad pdf readers:


The free version.


Update: iBooks

Originally I did not include iBooks because it is very slow on the iPhone 3GS.  I decided to open a pdf in iBook from the internet and it was surprisingly fast on the iPad 2.  This may be due to the faster processor but it works jut as well as the other pdf readers I have mentioned.  The one drawback to iBooks is the difficulty in transferring pdf’s from the computer to the iPad.  I think the other pdf apps are easier.

Homeschool Apps Part Two

Searching for the perfect iPad homeschool apps

Well my search for good homeschooling apps for my new iPad has begun. I had a few apps that I have used before with my iPhone like Google earth and Evernote but now that I have an iPad I have actively begun looking for good iPad apps for homeschooling. I decided to only use iPad apps for now. I am being very selective initially since there are so many apps. I don’t want them to be a distraction. I also don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bunch of new apps.
For the next few weeks I will be searching out the Essential apps for homeschooling.
One of the important tools for homeschooling is a pdf reader. Now I know you can use iBooks but in my experience documents take a long time to load and iBooks is not very helpful if you need to look at a lot of PDFs. So follow the links below as I go through the different apps.
Part one: PDF reader

Part two: Pages

Educational Applications: iSchool Initiative

Just came across someone who is promoting the educational value of the iPad.  Check out their rating system for Apps in education.  They really put some thought into it.

Educational Applications.

From thier website:

The iSchool Initiative was formed by Travis Allen in 2009 when he received an iPhone for Christmas. He began to use his iPhone in class as a learning tool and was told by his teachers that it was not an educational device. Travis believed there was tremendous potential in the device as a educational tool and formed a concept around mobile learning.


Organize iOS home education Apps

iOS folder


If you are using the latest iOS you can easily organize your apps for education.  For Christmas two of my children got old iPhones (3G with iOS 4) from their too kind Uncle. Now I am trying to  use iPhones for my kids education.  To do this I decided to organize all the education apps based on the following categories:

  1. Pre-school
  2. Tracing (letters & numbers)
  3. Reading
  4. Writing
  5. Math
  6. Science
  7. Drawing



There could be other categories but this is what I am trying right now.  Now I can tell my kids they can use any “math” app for 20 minutes.  For my younger daughter , I simplified the list to this:

  1. Draw
  2. Write
  3. Add

These can be changed anytime.  They could also be structured based on age or grade level.  I will add more updates in the future on using iOS for education in the home. 


For my younger kids I changed the letter and number category to…

ABC and 123

This is easy for them to understand and it is also more distinct when looking at the folders. 

To search for Apps on a computer without iTunes you can use the follwoing link: