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Lego mindstorm EV3 for Android and iOS 0

Lego mindstorm EV3 for Android and iOS

Lego is finally coming out with a tablet and Smartphone compatible Lego Mindstorm set. The Lego Mindstorm EV3 was announced at the 2013 CES show. It is not quite clear how the new EV3 Mindstorm will work with Tablets and Smartphones but a new processor is the key. According to Lego: “the EV3 Intelligent Brick now un‐tethers robots from the computer by providing users expanded on‐brick programming and tighter integration...

Why the iPad is Good for Homeschooling 0

Why the iPad is Good for Homeschooling

  I remember one of the first computers I used at school was the Apple IIc. I think the school even purchased it using points from box tops.  While you probably can’t get an iPad with box tops,  Apples website does say that Homeschool teachers qualify for education pricing.  The discounts not much considering anybody can get a refurbished iPad for $429 right now.  To some the cost still seems high for...

Story Kit app review 2

Story Kit app review

Cost: Free Story Kit is an App that lets your kids (adults too) write stories.  The stories can use text, pictures or recorded sound.  My kids love to record their own stories.  The stories can also be uploaded to www.childrenslibrary.org from the app.  You can’t beat the price! Editing the book pages: Link to apple web page for Story kit app. Tweet