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Why the iPad is Good for Homeschooling

    I remember one of the first computers I used at school was the Apple IIc. I think the school even purchased it using points from box tops.  While you probably can’t get an iPad with box tops,  Apples website does say that Homeschool teachers qualify for education pricing.  The discounts not much considering anybody can get a refurbished iPad for $429 right now.  To some the cost still seems high for a tool that currently can only be used to supplement your current curriculum.  Even though the price is high I believe there are still some pretty good reasons to get and iPad for homeschooling.  Here are some of the reasons I came up with. 

  •  There are a lot of educational apps – a are free or less than $5.00
  • Apple has a history of working with education
  • The iPad it the best tablet for the money (or until a good Android tablet comes out)
  • Homeschoolers are not tied to traditional classrooms.
  • The iPad is more suited for families than institutions.
  • You can control content with your own iTunes account
  • Homeschoolers customize school to each individual child’s learning style.
  • The iPad makes learning fun
  • You can do school on the sofa or outside.

Feel free to add any additional reasons in the comments below.

Why iPads Aren’t Ready For Classrooms… Yet

Why iPads Aren’t Ready For Classrooms… Yet.

Gizmodo had has an articleabout iPads for Classrooms.  iPads may not be ready for the “classroom” but they are definitely a tool for learning.  While the iPad might not be ideal for a “classroom” setting it does have excellent potential for learning.  What is important to note is that children are always learning.  With education you must remember that the end product is education, not an output of the tablet itself.  Children now are learning more from electronics than ever before.  I would much rather have my child use a tablet then a Game Boy or other gaming device for his electronic content.