Ways to use Keynote on the iPad for Homeschooling

Keynote for the iPad:

While Keynote on the iPad is not perfect it does allow you to create personalized presentations on the iPad.  Here are some of the ways I am using Keynote for Homeschooling:

  • Show a presentation at night in the dark or just sitting on the sofa.
  • Another way I have used Keynote and the iPad for homeschooling is by searching for a PowerPoint presentation on the topic I want to teach.  I can download the PowerPoint presentation into Keynote and edit it to customize the presentation.
  • I am also using Keynote for customized flash cards.  I have my son enter the Latin vocabulary word for the week into the presentation.  When he is done we can review the presentation and practice the vocab words.  You can read more about how I created a flash card slide show on my post about How to use Keynote on the iPad to make flashcards.

Features I would like to see incorperated into Keynote for the iPad:

  • Ability to change the theme
  • Ability to record the presentation similar to PowerPoint 2007
While Keynote is not perfect it still is a powerful app for homeschooling.  I’d love to hear any ideas from anyone else who is also using an iPad for homeschooling.  


Husband, Father, and Engineer trying to use technology for homeschooling my five children.

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