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Using Kenote as a remote 0

Using Kenote as a remote

Apple Keynote can control Keynote. I gave a talk this weekend and I thought it might be nice to have a remote for my Keynote presentation.  A quick internet search revealed that the latest version of Keynote for iOS includes a remote control mode.   When you open the Keynote app, there is a small icon up top that looks like a remote symbol.  If the icon is not available then...

Fix for iPad 2 iOS 7 wifi droping 2

Fix for iPad 2 iOS 7 wifi droping

The iPad 2 has been a great tablet.  I have had little issues with the iPad including connecting to wifi networks.  Unfortunately that seems to have changed with the update to iOS 7.  I really didn’t want to update my iPad 2 to the latest OS but unfortunately my iPad broke. I had to send it the iPad away to be fixed. When th iPad came back from repair it...

iPad drawing app to create outline maps 0

iPad drawing app to create outline maps

The iPad is one of the easiest ways to create digital artwork.  One way I use the iPad for homeschooling is to customize maps or to create a map outline using a drawing app.   I use the SketchBook Pro for iPad app, but you can also use the free sketchbook express app.  The only requirement for creating an outline map is that the drawing app has the ability to create layers. To...

Skyfish Phonics app review 0

Skyfish Phonics app review

Sky Fish Phonics by Knowbility is an app that some would consider more of a fun review game than a teaching educational app.  It’s the closest app to a game that I have on the iPad. The goal of the game is to achieve different costumes for your fish. You get a new costume when you finish a level. You finish a level by shooting your fish through different obstacles....

Free digital Old Schoolhouse magazine 1

Free digital Old Schoolhouse magazine

Did you know that the Old Schoolhouse Magazine is now digital and it is free? Occasionally we have had subscribed to the print version of the Old Schoolhouse magazine. I am also signed up for the email newsletter but somehow I missed the transition to digital. Since the magazine is no longer in print (except as a yearly volume) The Old Schoolhouse now has a special online education portal full...


Star Chart is a nifty and free augmented reality astronomy app via @TUAW — Josh (@schooltablet) August 19, 2013